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1KN1A8yxmnWgD7Dp4nXdbYHBwLRaJ9Mu7j100 satoshi2021-10-16 09:04:42
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DMddSrFvRcSy49TMG8zSMw4N842yJensq4100 satoshi2021-10-16 06:11:44
DC9sKYruFEDzt8n1nSANU3KyoEuwpqxhV1100 satoshi2021-10-16 05:42:04
MCAHecFrHTNDFsrhmj7c5hxL3Ee3h18rv3100 satoshi2021-10-15 23:48:16
1G466gmo7JLzfqE4EqEdCAwgxNECTCGyc5100 satoshi2021-10-15 22:08:39
1EVTV2Qp73jUv8yRh3nG8Tjry8NASLyjER100 satoshi2021-10-15 19:44:52
1Ln58RV8cMa4K6BUm9s63JL4LBbZVd3dHx100 satoshi2021-10-15 19:28:03
1Ln58RV8cMa4K6BUm9s63JL4LBbZVd3dHx100 satoshi2021-10-15 19:21:57
1Ln58RV8cMa4K6BUm9s63JL4LBbZVd3dHx100 satoshi2021-10-15 18:48:20


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency and open source software project published under the MIT license inspired and practically identical in its technical aspect to Bitcoin (BTC). Its creation and transfer is based on a cryptographic protocol not administered by any central authority and supported by the consensus of a peer-to-peer network. Litecoin was intended to be an alternative to Bitcoin for low-value transfers.


A Litecoin Faucet is a reward system from which small amounts of Litecoin can be rewarded, this system offers those Litecoin fractions in exchange for solving captchas and other simple tasks.

What is a Microwallet?

A Microwallet is a mini wallet (or mini wallet), which becomes a kind of place where payments are stored before they are processed and sent, for example when making a transaction on the Bitcoin network, it is sent to the blockchain to be confirmed, which requires a certain time, and generates a fee for each transaction, however with a Microwallet, operators and tap owners send coins to a certain address and they are stored there, and then they are split off-chain immediately.